July 14, 2020 - Action Taken in Response to Government Overreach 

​Given the recent unconstitutional actions our State government has taken in response to COVID-19, CalAlimonyReform.org has decided to sponsor a new ballot initiative.

Here is the title and summary of the initiative draft submitted to the California State Attorney General's Office:

Title:  Limit Government Authority During a Health Crisis - Initiative Statute

Summary:  The intent of this initiative measure is to limit the government’s role to an advisory capacity during any health crisis.  Allows the government to issue public service announcements and/or health advisories. Does not allow the government to issue any executive orders that impact any private businesses, public beaches, state parks or personal freedoms.

We must continue to keep our government in-check and remind our elected officials that we are a country of laws and not orders.  The founding fathers intended the government to be subordinate to the people, yet as we know many of our elected officials thrive on power.

While this initiative measure is somewhat out of scope from our stated mission, it does drive awareness of our organization and helps to protect our personal freedoms.

We believe the government has clearly overstepped its constitutional authority when it tells us how to spend our money (i.e. Obamacare and alimony), force the shutdown of private businesses or mandate how we dress (masks).

It is not our government’s role to manage risks for we the people.