Driving Alimony Reform in California


Dear Alimony Reform Members,

This year we have defined the following strategic objectives to help us reach our goal.  Rather than just taking a single approach with just another legislative initiative, we will be driving reform on many fronts:

Supporter Base Growth

We need to increase our current base of supporters within California.  Currently we have approximately 200 members.  Given the population size of California, we should have far greater numbers as compared to other States.

Legislator Influence

Earlier this year we formed a legislative committee for the purpose of influencing our State legislators to take action.  This five person team meets on a regular basis and is composed of attorneys, doctors and engineers.  Strategic objectives for the newly formed committee in 2016 have been defined and are now in various stages of execution.  This committee will use market research and comparative analysis reports to support our position while meeting with state legislators.

Legislative Initiative

We will prepare a revised version of our next legislative initiative based on our activities above. In order for this approach to have a viable shot in succeeding we need to have a minimum of 1000 signature gathering volunteers.  Assuming the required number of signatures for the next election period is 400.000 each, every volunteer would need to collect a minimum of 400 signatures.  We will need you to get the word out and help recruit signature gatherers. 


I want to personally thank everyone for their time and out of pocket expenses.  Donations in prior years came mostly through word of mouth.  We will be making it easier to collect donations through the website and will be pursuing other forms of fundraising.  It should be noted that all committee and administrative members are passionate about this cause and work on a voluntary basis. We are a registered 501(c)(4) organization.

While I personally don’t like to ask for money, the reality is successful legislative reform efforts require funding.  Providing communications with the public, banners, legislators and supplies to cover some of the costs associated with our efforts will be needed. We will be focusing marketing efforts on fundraising this year and I want to thank you in advance for any donations you personally have made or helped receive from others. 

Call to Action

  1. Increase our membership numbers by recruiting your coworkers, friends and family
  2. Bring attention to this issue by telling others how unfair the current alimony laws are
  3. Help our cause by referring any relevant contacts you may have (celebrities, legislators, politicians, donors) to us
  4. Donate (http://www.calalimonyreform.org/donate.html)

With your help and commitment we can make it happen.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any suggestions, questions and/or concerns.

Steve Clark
Executive Director

2018 Strategic Objectives